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Citronelle - bistro noveau - one of the last trends of the world culinary fashion, when the high cuisine, changing stiffness to lightheadedness, opens the bosses endless horizons for bold experiments and ironic improvisations.

We collected the BEST RECIPES of regional dishes from all the corners of France.
TO MAKE THE GASTRONOMIC JOURNEY IN FRANCE you can simply STUDY MENU, and the names Languedoc-Roussillon, Camargue, Brittany or Aquitaine, indicated next to each dish, enhance the desire to taste them.
It is worth to try the frog's paws in tender vinegar with vegetables according to a Parisian recipe, Bree cheese baked with garlic chips in white wine in Normandy, Marseilles bouillabaisse or Lyons onion soup, exclusively French cheeses as a pre-dessert, and lemon tart with Chantilly cream from Toulouse will be for you fireworks at the end of the meal!

Citronelle has a wonderful wine card. It presents only FRENCH WINES - both recognized meters and fashionable, gaining popularity of manufacturers. In the menu both known classical hits and modern trends - biodynamic and organic wines.
In our bar chart, FRENCH BEVERAGES, moreover, not only cognacs, calvados and armagnacs, but also gin, whiskey and rum.
 We hold unique events - in November - invite interesting French Chefs, MICHELIN STARS owners, and spend enogastronomic evenings !!!


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