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Around 600 BC, a group of colonists coming from Asia Minor's Phocaea settle in the west part of the Mediterranean Sea and establish Massalia. In 2010, a drink & dine destination with the same name is founded in Nea Phocaea in the Chalkidiki peninsula. Four years later, Massalia's twin sister opens in Thessaloniki.

The restaurant's emblem, the rooster-shaped wind indicator, was inspired by an ancient Phocaean bas-relief, a copy of which was donated to the city of Marseille by the elders council of Phocaea in 1899, during the city's founding anniversary. The bas-relief inspired the Gallic rooster (French: le coq gaulois) France's unofficial symbol as a nation.
A twenty-two century history continues...
Massalia aims to offer to its visitors a variety of Greek creative cuisine dishes, made exclusively with on-season raw materials.

This is the reason we have a constantly changing menu.
Besides dining, Massalia has a wide selection of ouzo, tsipouro, raki and wine labels from almost every corner of the Greek countryside.


Manousogiannaki 6 54621, Thessaloniki Grèce
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