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The Legran restaurant is located in the true heart of St.Petersburg, very close to the Neva-river and just within a 2-minute walk from the Winter Palace. The restaurant is in the street where each building belongs to history. Legran incorporates several halls including the most spacious one with the fireplace which is arranged to invite 45 to 50 visitors.

There is also a slightly smaller banquet hall followed by a 25-seat cigar hall and a bar. In the summer time the terrace is in operation. The restaurant is designed for those who prefer to relax in the down-town area the best one in St.Petersburg, and at the same time for those who value the quality cuisine, service and pleasant atmosphere.

Offering the regional French cuisine to our guests for the last 2 years we have taken a new direction since the beginning of 2015 as a follow-up stage of our development called Casual Gastronomy. This idea is based on the experience of our travels to various cities worldwide, and we have also noticed that in many large cities such as London, Hong Kong,
New York or Barcelona one can find very good restaurants with the so-called “big city food” which is not tied to any particular country or region, but quite delicious, affordable and reflects the numerous aspects of regional public catering cultures.

At these restaurants we tasted quite often the magnificent dishes cooked under the rules of classical gastronomic schools, but not replicating any well-known recipes. At the same time these dishes were rather simple, and many visitors with pleasure lived on them almost every day. This approach has appeared to be very attractive to us, and giving the reliance on the Russian food products we have decided to take this new road. Casual Gastronomy in our understanding means very tasty and sophisticatedly dressed dishes which are quite affordable and understandable both to the experienced gourmets and the people who simply like to have a tasty meal.


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