Vila Komoda

Haute gastronomie

Notre restaurant

Historical family home built in 19th century. Brought back to life in 2018 the vila is a boutique hotel, restaurant, private garden as well as a rooftop terrace. Founded by a family of two, Vila Komoda's restaurant is a seasonal food restaurant that practices local traditions and product appreciation. Having trained around the Europe, Martyn Meid spent 11 years in London where he founded his first restaurant, INK, was a brand ambassador for Miele as well as Nesmuk Knives. Meid's core ideas are based around French ideologies of cooking and working with products. The restaurant consists of three different spaces - two dining rooms and one lobby bar. They grey high walls are brought back to life through on-going exhibitions of various local, modern artists' works. Although the restaurant can be seen as a fine dining space, where fresh white tablecloths are laid down every day, it is made all moods and types of clients friendly with the atmosphere and a constant present of the founders.


Meiles al. 5 , Palanga Lituanie
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