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In the northwest of Vipava, the village Zemono is located. Above it, on a 139 metre high rising, the Manor house Zemono (Belvedere) is located. The building, which is set among vineyards, can be seen for miles around.
In the renovated building, surrounded by a park and vineyards, there are a wedding hall and a restaurant (a former mansion kitchen) on the ground floor.
As one of the rare, Vipava cultural monuments, Zemono is hospitably open to visitors. On the ground floor, there is a renovated main hall, which is all embellished with frescos. Concerts, exhibitions and weddings occasionally take place there
Zemono Manor House was built in the 17th century on a hill north west of Vipava by the Lanthieri counts. The manor, which was used as their hunting residence, is the only example of polydonic secular architecture in Slovenia. Nowadays several cultural events take place here. http://www.culture.si/en/Zemono_Manor_House
Zemono manor house is situated on a rising in Vipava valley nearby Vipava settlement.  It was built in 1683 in a tradition of palladian villas from around Venice. The manor house used to be a hunting or a summer house. The corps of the manor house is surrounded by arcade corridor. Interior walls are richly decorated with frescos.
Coordinates: 45°51′18.41″N 13°57′8.74″E


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