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Green Tangerine, a romantically quiet corner, an oasis of calm located in the heart of Hanoi. Founded as a family-run business since 2003, this innovative Franco Viet fine dining restaurant is a pioneer of its kind, earning a reputation and becoming very well-respected in the Hanoi gastronomy circle.

The restaurant is situated in a French colonial building dating back to 1928. Stepping through the entrance, one can get overwhelmed by the perfect setting of the restaurant, which projects a tranquil scene in tandem with a nostalgic feeling to the beholder. Green Tangerine has both outdoor and indoor dinning areas which can accommodate various functions. The interior design and decorations of the restaurant is a daily inspiration to the guests.

Green Tangerine is determined to deliver the most unique experience to its guests in the best possible way. Not only focusing on the quality of each and every product provided, Green Tangerine also endeavours to exceed customer’s expectations by having creative recipes and food’s presentation beyond limits known. Furthermore, the restaurant is proud to offer its guests an exclusive premium wine collection, in addition to being the only independent restaurant that employs the Professional and Award-winning Sommelier Trần Trọng Hải Hà, a key member of the team.


48 Hang Be Street, Hoan Kiem District 00000, Hanoi ViêtNam
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