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Let us introduce you to our brand ‘The Fat Cat Bistro ‘.

Fat Cat Bistro is a gourmet food delivery business based out Delhi, India & we love cats. From our delivery staples of pizzas, dumplings, sandwiches, tacos, exotic Indian fare and everything that is your go to comfort food, and many more scrumptious treats from various regions of the world.

Our endeavour is to bring the heritage and culture from different parts of the world right at your doorstep through our lip smacking dishes that we have to offer using eco friendly packaging. It is our chef's hunger to learn more about different cuisines and creating new mouthwatering dishes using the freshest ingredients, that drives our cats to ensure our service and food is always purrfect. Since we love cats and animals alike our endeavor also continues to help our own community by doing our part and being as sustainable as possible

We want our customers to experience firsthand what we have to offer. As you know Cats don't beg for food, they sit patiently while you decide to do the right thing, so experience yourself and order now.


C-116 Panchsheel Vihar, Khirki Extension Road, Malviya Nagar 110017, New Delhi Inde
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