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The designer of Fireworks Urban Kitchen Henry Chebaane was fascinated how the element of fire has shaped the culinary and cultural landscapes for centuries. Whether hunting dragons like the hero Bayram Gur, burning natural gas vents at the Zoroastrian Ateshga, collecting embers at Yanar Dag, preparing smoky tea samovar with coals or grilling aromatic kebabs. The restaurant is entered via a ceremonial canopy of glowing metal rods, translucent bricks and wooden blocks symbolising the ritualistic elements of grilling and roasting with live fire. These elements are repeated throughout the space on walls and ceilings in different compositions of light, shadow and textures imbuing the whole dining space with a distinctive halo of comforting warmth.


674, Azadliq square AZ1010, Baku Azerbaïdjan
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Fireworks Urban Kitchen

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