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Restaurant Madera is a symbol of fine dining and good taste in Belgrade, also, is one of the oldest restaurants in the capital city, which was established in 1937. The story goes that the restaurant got its name as one of the regular guests brought a great wine from the Portuguese island of Madeira. Belgrade's bohemians, famous artists and journalists, which have been popularly called "maderaši", gethered in our restaurant, and so same it’s today.
Madera has one of the most beautiful restaurant garden in Belgrade, in the middle of the Tašmajdan Park. Cuisine includes traditional Serbian and international cooking , as well as many of their own delicious specialties. The size of the place provides enough privacy for business meetings, but Madera is also perfect for: weekend family get-togethers, dinners with friends or for a romantic couples.


43 Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 11000, Belgrade Serbie
Phone number :
+381 11 323 1332
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