No.168 Prime Sogo Dunhuan

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With smallpox abstract art and Art Deco art deco style, the bell tower silhouette at the entrance points out the top-end N ° 168 PRIME Sogo Dunhua shop's English classic style, and the large metal hangings in the dining area show avant-garde and boldness. The open kitchen is the space design of the main stage of the restaurant. The Michelin-sized “Open Dream Kitchen” and “Beech Oven Dream Oven” in Australia allow each guest to enjoy the most exquisite and professional kitchen of the chef team during the meal Art performance.

Adhering to the spirit of professional service, the restaurant has a beef maturation room. Each piece of beef provided by the chef is selected by the chef team. After expert knowledge and judgment, the time when the beef is best matured will be cooked. It offers a variety of classic steaks, such as selected American steak, top American rib-eye steak, Montana dry-cooked rib-eye steak, Japanese F1 New Yorker, etc. There are also seafood dishes and other dishes to choose from.

Led by Chef Cage, through his delicate and diverse exotic cuisine, N ° 168 PRIME Sogo Dunhua is brought into a richer style of cooking, making the steakhouse more than just a steakhouse!

"Food can bring memories, leave memories, remember momentary good feelings, and be imprinted on my heart."

No.168 Prime Sogo Dunhuan

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