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Quale Restaurant is as Łódź-like as possible. It can’t be any other way since it is located in the basement of the factory palace.
We have Polish food here, we have Russian, Jewish and German accents, because Łódź has been multicultural from the beginning and has always been open to novelty. We have a sea of alcohol on the shelves, because the Łódź man (not only the one from Bałuty district) has always liked to bend an elbow and the factory worker has enjoyed smoking from time to time.
Finally, we have warm, cozy and dignified interiors, decorated in the spirit of time which in this city always evokes nostalgic memories. By the way, because Łódź likes to be like that, it is modern and eclectically inspiring here.


Narutowicza 48 90-135, Łódź Pologne
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