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Yeast Bistronomy provides Authentic French Parisian bistro dining experience. Haute cuisine made affordable and fun paired with a laid-back but chic atmosphere.

Our bistros offer the options of interior dining or alfresco, with typical Parisian bistro decor. Our boutiques serve Yeast Atelier's bakery and pastry products for the guests to enjoy at the bistros or take out. Yeast Atelier is our "Artisanal Boulangerie", a wholesaler of bakery and pastry products for restaurants and businesses in and outside of Kuala Lumpur.

Yeast bistros also cater for events, outside caterings with private chefs and food delivery service.

Our goals are to bring forth the pleasure of bistro dining, cultivate the appreciation of authentic French cuisine and share our passion for traditional French artisanal bakery and craftsmanship.


24, Jalan Telawi 2 59100, KUALA LUMPUR Malaisie
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