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Asimba Concept: Authentic, ethnic, Fusion Cameroonian Cuisine

“Explore Cameroon through food”

This authentic and innovative concept by Celebrity Chef and inventor Emile Engoulou is distinctive as it is not just about selling Cameroonian Cuisine but it also revolves around bringing in Cameroonian great cultural heritage and traditions while relishing the cuisine. Cameroonian Cuisine combine the best elements from all over Africa that is why it Cameroon is referred to as “Africa in Miniature”. Guests love options and providing everything from different cultures and regions of Cameroon is a great way to incorporate a cross cultural cuisine, while giving guests a wide selection of dishes.
Asimba is instrumental in changing perceptions of the country’s cuisine. Our menu revolves around Cameroonian cuisine an it is conceived to serve guests/clients visitors who seek a unique and exclusive contemporary Cameroonian fusion dining experience around the world.

Taste the flavors of Cameroon and Experience us through
- Cross Cultural Catering
- Cameroon Food Fusion Tour around the world
- Asimba Restaurant coming soon in the USA
- Restaurent le Club Municipal in Yaounde Cameroon

A Cross cultural ethnic Menu for Your Special Event

At Asimba, we are committed to relentlessly provide and deliver outstanding services and experiences that exceed our guests’ expectations.
We thrive to provide a unique, authentic and relaxing experience to our clients. We achieve this goal by providing menu items incorporating Cameroonian typical and quality ingredients. We are always mindful of the well- being of our customers treating each and everyone with dignity and respect – just like we would at our own home in Africa
Our menu always promotes health and wellbeing and always presented with creativity coinciding with African hospitality values. We offer vegetarian options as well as gluten free substitutions.


BP 14484 Yaounde Cameroon , Yaounde Cameroun
Numéro de téléphone :
+237 99461763

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