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Restaurant ... ZRNO SOLI opened on 1st of March 2011. and proudly presents Croatian gastronomy.
Our guests quickly realized that the food (always fresh fish and always something new) and the service is on an enviable level. We strongly believe that food has to be fresh, local and processed in a way to keep its nutritional value.
Already in the first year, journalists called us "a restaurant with a million dollar view" due to 1700 year old city unobstructed panoramic view.
After the opening, it can be said that we have started gastronomic revolution in our city, and guests say that Zrno Soli is not only our, but also global.

We are happy that our guests have recognized the effort and ambition on each of our plates, and the family approach that makes them feel like they are in their own living room.
Since 1st of March 2018. we have been included in Michelin Guide Croatia for 2018., and we have received a recommendation from world-renowned institution. We are delighted and honoured to be recognised and included in the list Michelin Guide Croatia.
Certainly, this gives us the wind at our back and even more
motivation and desire, for better work to make our restaurant and Split more famous on world gastronomic scene. It is a great challenge to keep the recommendation, but also to go one step further in receiving our first Michelin star.

We believe in ourselves, as our guests believe in us.


Uvala baluni 8 21000, Split Croatie
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