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Oblomov is a Russian cuisine restaurant, which for 19 years has been situated in a historical mansion in the style of a typical XIX century nobility house. The building has three floors. As guests enter, they immediately get into a coffee shop. On the second floor, there are two dining halls, “Oblomov” and “Stolz”. Third floor houses “The Eastern room” with wide, low couches. At warmer times of the day, a summer patio is open.

The cuisine of “Oblomov” is an authentic journey across Russian culinary traditions. The dishes are made in a Russian oven (sturgeon, meats and pies), pickled vegetables are prepared and various alcoholic tinctures are macerated and infused. Chef Pavel Kirillov regularly recreates unique Russian dishes and offers new and seasonal menus.

While preserving the authenticity of Russian dishes, Oblomov still stands out. The only thing that remains unchanged is an atmosphere of hospitality and love for the guests. Frequent visitors are remembered by name, newcomers are greeted with sincere smiles and care.


5, 1-st Monetchikovskiy lane , Moscow Russie
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+7 (495) 953-68-28
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