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We believe that you will find Ahh... Riba unique, refreshing and a testament to the vibrancy of Mediterranean cuisine. It is an exciting new addition to the stable of possible event venues for your client's pleasure and entertainment.
When it comes to seafood, here at Ahh... riba we have something for everyone. From elegantly executed classics to bold and innovative see-to-plate dining experience. We have passion for fresh quality produce. The finest fish, oysters and shellfish are delivered directly from our ship, therefore from the fresh fish diplay you will be able to choose the freshest fish made to order and a handpicked lobster fresh from live tanks.
The concept of the restaurant rests on creativity, harmony of taste and the everlasting visual experience giving you the opportunity to enjoy the finenst aromas and textures creating rich and sumptuous flavors.
Dishes on the menu include tuna tartare, langoustine carpaccio, seafood goulash, tataki monkfish, diverse range of oysters and accompaniments as well as an extensive choise of sushi.
The wine list was carefully chosen and our staff well be happy to assist you to find the best choise. From delicate light white wine to richer more substantial white and sometimes a red wine may even be the best choise.
We are open from 12pm to 01am.
For further information and reservation please call tel. no. +381 11 262 04 42 / +381 65 909 33 39


Obilicev venac 27 11000, Beograd Serbie
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+381 655676546
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