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It all started with a family garden next to the river in the Granada town of Monachil. There Diego and María José among tomatoes, zucchini and lettuce, made a hole to open, only in summer, a small terrace with a tiny kitchen in which Diego prepared dishes with the products he had at hand and where friends They enjoyed eating in the shade of olive trees, cherry trees and fig trees.
Little by little, during the four years in which they maintained that small business, they gained a loyal clientele and thus, La Cantina de Diego was born with the century. In the menu the ingredients of the garden continue to predominate, now located a few meters from the establishment, across the river, regional and regional products such as Monachil blood sausage, Pajuna veal from Sierra Nevada, Segureño lamb, with already classic dishes when it is season like mushrooms, straight beans, artichokes, beans, fried pumpkin among others. The products of the menu change with the calendar, and the saint's dishes, such as the pot of San Antón or the typical Lenten dishes, are sneaked into it.


CALLEJON DE RICARDA 1 18193, Monachil, GRANADA Espagne
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