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MAGNA is a unique restaurant.
A place where you celebrate life ... Life without limits to enjoy the best in flavors in a unique environment.
The kitchen harmonizes a classic spirit with modern life, rescuing the experiences of chef Marco Soares and his world culture, valuing roots, traditions, discoveries and learning that will remain forever.
All this mixed are the perfect ingredients for magnificent dishes that will awaken unforgettable sensations.
The Magna is a tranquil retreat designed to, pleasantly, satisfy and nourish your gastronomic desires.
Located in the heart of the charming Marist district, the Magna is a place of serenity, privacy and unsurpassed elegance.
A comfortable, sophisticated, warm and inviting environment, in the middle of everything, but with a touch of exclusivity!
The food of unique flavor and the cozy atmosphere make the Magna the extension of the house of its regulars.
The privacy, the sophistication and all the excellence in the services offered make the Magna a much desired place for lovers of good gastronomy and quality restaurants.


RUA 147, 576 - MARISTA , GOIANIA Brésil
Numéro de téléphone :
+55 62 99909 9624
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