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The Artisan French bakery ‘Maison Coco’ was opened on November 25, 2012, as the first French bakery in Bosnia and Herzegovina, bringing something new and exciting to the world of baked goods. Its first bakery opened its doors in the building known as ‘Karingtonka’, at the 1 Kranjceviceva Street. Throughout the years, it has expanded its business and turned into an entire chain of bakeries across Sarajevo and can now be found at the locations 10 Branilaca Sarajeva Street, 10 Sime Milutinovica Street, Merhemica Trg Street, and in ALTA Shopping Center at 2 Franca Lehara Street.
Besides using authentic French recipes for desserts and pastry, what makes ‘Maison Coco’ stand out is the fact that the bakery work is based on the artisan baking principle, meaning that all of its products are prepared without use of additives, artificial colors, or preservative.

When making bread and pastries, ‘Maison Coco’ uses natural yeast ‘Levain’, freshly made by the bakery’s artisans. The natural yeast and long fermentation of the dough gives the products a special taste and texture. No frozen raw materials are used in the baking process, because everything is prepared according to the seasons. Olive bread, walnut bread, peasant bread and high-protein bread are number one French products for the greatest gourmets and connoisseurs of artisan bakery, and all of these are available at ‘Maison Coco’ all year round.


Kranjčevićeva-Tepebašina 1 71000, Sarajevo Bosnie-Herzégovine
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