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Nordic was opened on July 2017 in Saint-Petersburg on Pulkovskoe highway near
Pulkovo airport, villa communities, in 15-minutes drive from Moscovskaya subway station and Tsarskoe Selo, a famous palace suburb of Saint-Petersburg.

Ideologists and creators of the restaurant concept have become Aleksey Alekseev, the Head Chef, and Nadezda Tretiakova, an owner, a resteranteur and a linguist. They have learned the taste of north countries in fact rather than in word where they have watched, degusted and gained inspiration.

In that way, Nordic has become a speck of the Far North in the south of Saint-Petersburg and it is symbiosis of fashion and food. Today, the New Nordic Cuisine is an ultrafashionable trend in gastronomic world. Creators have chosen this tendency as a concept and a cornerstone of the project. The idea promotes local, natural and seasonal produce, so that they use local ingredients, some often new to the usual plate, in combination with traditional foods prepared in new ways, with new technologies. It is planed to arrange greenhouses near the restaurant where the team can cultivate a great variety of fresh vegetables, fruits and green-stuff.
The Head Chef applies lots of smart and contemporary techniques following the idea of waste-free production and culinary. He loves to prepare daintith dishes focusing on healthy cooking. The restaurant has an open kitchen, its own aquarium with always fresh oysters, King Crab, scallops and sea-urchins and even its own Scandinavian collection of alcoholic drinks like Rhubarb sparkling wine or Aquavit.

The design of the restaurant has been developed by “Oneione” agency. It is accomplished in Scandinavian minimalistic style with light colors and glowing setting elements, lots of wood, open space, floor-to-ceiling windows and huge lamp-shades in the center of the restaurant.

The restaurant team is composed of passionate people who work hand in hand in the open kitchen like Vikings, impudent and brave, seeking glory and conquering the North, they work as if they seek adventures in Viking boat playfully coping with creation of dainty dishes of the North.


Pulkovskoe shosse, 107 , Saint-Petersburg Russie
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