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This Renovated Official Mansion Has a Long Written History Through the Years. .
Filled with Warm Emotions Instead of those of Old-Time Authority.

Built in 1974, this official mansion was customized for the mayor of Tainan City.
Standing on Nanmen Road with dignity over years of glory, serving numerous terms for the city mayors.

This official mansion is as empty as decades ago,
The mansion remains elegant within whilst it is bustling outside the gate.
The hundred-year-old tree rings on the magnolia and autumn red maple tree withhold the stories of this courtyard.

After years of loneliness, there was a change at the end of 2014.
The youth who had been working in other capital cities returned to Old Town Tainan and wholeheartedly planned this renovated, professional platform for the locals.
Serving as the Executives of Tainan Mayor’s Official Mansion, we deliver a brand new fine-dining concept to our customers.

The exclusive smoked longan fruits, prepared from hundred years of traditional techniques, are mixed and fermented with aged doughs and premium red wine.
The rich aroma in the mansion along with our food’s authentic taste always warm up people’s hearts.

While dining in this extraordinary space, these tasteful creative dishes made with local raw materials, will always bring you the best memory whether it be of taste or the precious moment with your companion.


No. 239, Nanmen Rd., West Central Dist. 700, Tainan City Taiwan
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